Aug 30 2010

CQRS Series from Mark Nijhof

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Learning CQRS?  A while back, Mark Nijhof posted a helpful series of blog posts along with an example project.  It's a great place to start for understanding the concepts and implementation details of Command Query Responsbility Separation.  If you've been on the CQRS bandwagon for a while, this is old news for you.  But for more recent adopters, you'll find this to be a helpful introduction.


Code Sample -

Video Walkthrough of the Code Sample -


CQRS à la Greg Young -

CQRS Domain Events -

CQRS Domain State -

Specifications -

CQRS Event Sourcing -

CQRS Event Versioning -

CQRS Scalability -

Using conventions with Passive View -



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